I cant save my scenes

Godot Version


I have been using godot for a few days and i cant save my scene or anything else in my projects, when i try to ctrl+s there is a pop up named “Alert!” that says “Error while saving” and i cant fix it

Does anything appear in the output log? Can you save anything else on your disk?

there is nothing in my output log, just the pop up; i cant save anything with godot but anything else i want to save (from my browser,other game engines, my games and anything else) works just fine

Sometimes another error flashes on the screen quickly, and you’ll see it in the log. This has happened to me when a child scene has something wrong with it. Maybe go through your scenes child scenes and double-click on them. It might tell you it can no longer find one of them. You might be able to reconnect, or just delete the child scene for now. Since the child scene is saved separately, hopefully you wouldn’t lose much. When you fix the correct child scene, you should find that you’re able to save.