I can't test my game. Any help?

Whenever I try to playlets my game, it gives me this error: Could not resolve script “res://addons/quentincaffeino/console/src/Misc/BaseCommands.gd”.

Does anyone know a fix to this?

Is there something wrong with the script? Go check it and see if there are any errors?

did you enabled the plugin?

Godot 3 Addon

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I don’t really remember enabling it.

then try enabling it and see if there’s any error again

Godot 3 addons are usually not compatible with Godot 4.

Well, it does say this: “Expected end of statement after expression, found “super” instead.”

Then there’s an error in the script that you have to fix.

well, I can’t tell what the error is.

It will be better for you to report a bug in the repository of this add-on.