I have an error starting godot

Godot Version

Godot Version 4.0


When trying to start Godot, I have an error that pops up that says “Error: Can’t run project: No main scene defined in the project.” does anyone have a solution to this because I am a complete beginner and have no idea what I’m doing.

The error should prompt you to define a main scene. If you have no scenes, create and save a new scene first. If you’re unable to add a main scene from the error prompt, access your projects settings, then under Application>Run, add a main scene from the menu.

If this error is occurring when you load a project, the project may be corrupt and need to be re-built. You may need to delete the project.godot file, or the .godot directory.

If you are an absolute beginner, starting for the first time, I strongly recommend using a tutorial to set up the first time. This seems to be a popular tutorial on Youtube.


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Thank you. Unfortunately I cannot even open the program, the message pops up in a white box then shuts the program down. I will use your information to keep from this happening again.

If this error is happening when you first start Godot, your installation may be corrupted. I would recommend to re-download and install Godot.

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Are you able to open the project manager, shown below?

If so, you want to use the Edit button rather than the Run button. The Run button tries to run the game, while the Edit button actually opens up the project in the Godot editor.

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Okay thank you.

No I am not but I will keep this information in my head when using the program, thank you

Hmm. When you downloaded Godot, you should’ve gotten two executable files (here’s a screenshot of mine):

If you run the one with the name ending in _console.exe, it should open a console in addition to the program itself. Does that happen, and if so, does the console display any error messages?

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I’m not sure but I somehow got it working again. I will check that in a moment just to be sure but thank you all for your time and patience.