I tried this pickup and drop method and got no errors but nothing happens

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Godot Version


I’ve added screens of all the scene structures. I just want to pick up the box when I walk on top of it but nothing happens. The code, the nodes and placements are where they’re supposed to be. Is it the mask?

I replicated everything from the GIF in the link and the script as well. There are no errors but when you walk over the box nothing happens.

I don’t see any connections in the “Ball” scene in the GIF.

Sorry man, I misunderstood the post, I thought you were asking about item pickups.

No problem, thank you for trying I’m just confused if i missed something.

Seems like you do not have any signals connected. I’m guessing they used body_entered → body_pickup.

I’ve added Area3D node to the player, connected body_entered signal, and nothing.

Is this what you’ve meant?