Ia have error that stop me from export from godot to android that screenshot for the error

Godot Version


Screenshot 2024-06-17 143437
Screenshot 2024-06-17 145558

in the begin i when say i don’t know how to make google make your mobile not security checks when export so sorry

well after you do the Godot documentation you need to sign the path to the release path ander project setting export key store
Screenshot 2024-06-18 210416
debug key here on the project setting export key release path with the debug key you make with the documentation and use in the Godot default setting in the editor setting in the android setting
Screenshot 2024-06-18 210256
in the filter setting type android and use the debug key store user and debug key store pass in the this places
Screenshot 2024-06-18 210256
and make name your project here
Screenshot 2024-06-18 212921
make sure that you hit export and turn off the export with debug
Screenshot 2024-06-18 213151
here you sign image that the player on the mobile while see
Screenshot 2024-06-18 213111
make sure it as .APK I’m no sure how to make AAP ones
Screenshot 2024-06-18 213222
code and sorry not make complete step by step how to do it just know the document do it well so read and here the pictures for it
hope I help one or more sorry for any misleading on it hope you fix it bay