Importing two armatures from same blender project results in missing actions

Godot Version

4.2.1 (Stable)


I do not know why I did not think of this sooner, but I imported the glTF to another Blender project and it seems to be an issue with Blender’s exporting. I will take it up with them. Any advice related to this will still be appreciated! But it does not seem to be a Godot issue.

Original Post:
My goal was to create a character controller that has both a first person and third person mode. I made (probably too many) animations for the third person and decided to makes some arms and add a first person mode. To do this, I created a second armature in my blender project for just the arms and camera. This way, I could have all of their tracks in the same animations and sync them up with one another.

What’s odd though, is when I import the two armatures (as a glTF 2.0), many of the animations I worked on do not appear. There is seemingly no rhyme or reason for which ones appear and which ones do not. I only have 1 animation that used only the new first-person arm/camera armature, about 30 that used only the full character armature, and 1 that uses both. All show up when I import either one of the armatures, but if I import both, then about half of them disappearance. They are seemingly random, but the same each time I import. I could not tell you at all what they have in common. All of the ~30 animations that do not use the new first person armature have not been touched since it was created.

Here is what I see when I import one armature vs both:

Also worth mentioning that the subset of animations that do get imported, all work as expected except for the one that uses both armatures. Only the first person armature animating with that one.

Notable info:
When I export to the glTF 2.0, I mostly use the default settings except I limit to the Selected objects and I Export Deformation Bones only.

Is there a step I am missing for this? Is this even best practices? If not, I would appropriate learning how to have first and third person animations sync up in godot. I struggled to find a good tutorial on this. If each armature was a separate imported scene, how can I ensure they play together in Godot while still using Blender’s animation tracks?

Any information would be appreciated. And of course, I am willing to share any information you may need. Thanks!