Input.get_joy_guid(0) not returning valid GUID

Godot Version



Trying to implement input re-mapping in my game. I have been searching on this issue for a couple hours, haven’t gotten anywhere.

To be clear: the controller I am using actually works in game - all my mappings are fine. And even in-game re-mapping is fine. But I need to get the joypad type to be able to show meaningful names (as opposed to InputMap.action_get_events(action)[ind].as_text()) which is a long string containing every possible mapping name for the button).

I have an Xbox One controller connected via a USB cable.

I’m calling this code to test:


I get this as output:


I am expecting to see one of these GUIDs, for an Xbox One controller (based on SDL2 SDL_GameControllerDB/gamecontrollerdb.txt at master · mdqinc/SDL_GameControllerDB · GitHub)

Testing is fine Hardware Tester

Any ideas?

Edit: upon reflection… I’m realizing my controller is being brought in as an xbox 360 controller. Same issue stands though, still should be getting a GUID