Inputs Not Working, No Errors

Godot Version


I am new to Godot and I am using this tutorial to learn a bit about it. I am trying to make a tower defense game where you aim and shoot with the mouse from your main tower in the middle.

I have followed the tutorial step for step and made it to part 5 where it teaches you how to actually create bullets and fire them from the player character. That’s when I learned that, for some reason my inputs, whether it be mouse, keyboard, or controller will not work.

The code is right. I have it mapped in the project settings. I took it all and tried it in another project and it worked there, so I remade the entire game in a new project, only for the inputs to stop working again.

The only piece of control the game even has at this point is to just print(“shoot”) and it won’t no matter what button I hook it to.

I just want to know what is happening even if there is no solution. It’s driving me mad!

Thank you for your time and I apologize if it’s super simple.

You should probably post the code you have in process(delta).

Alternatively, I guess I’d ask ‘what’s the difference between the project where it worked, and the project where it doesn’t work?’ Start with the code that works, then iteratively add the code that is necessary to make the game you want, and when you add something that breaks it, investigate.

When you asked what was in my process (delta) I went and checked. I’m stupid and I apologize for wasting your time.
I didn’t have a
“func _physics_process(_delta):

I guess staring at it for 6 hours straight made me blind.
Thank you so much and I’m sorry.

Don’t apologize :slight_smile: I’ve only been doing this a few weeks myself, I’ve been helped a dozen times on here and I’m happy to be able to pay it forward. Good luck with your project!