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Let me give some perspective… I have a scene called “level_block”, its a small panel that will show two labels, SceneName and SceneID. I want this “level_block” to instantiate via a forloop to fill a HBoxContainer. I also have a global array stored in a Resource that has 2 custom “house” resources, just a name and id for each. Everthing works fine, i can read and write to the resources BUT I want each new instance of that “level_block” to read it’s name and id from the resources as it’s itterated through.

How could I set each new instance of “level_block” to have a unique name and id as defined in the resources? I have tried using a constructor for “level_block” but cant pass parameters… Any suggestions?

Sorry, can only upload one photo… please let me know should you need more perspective.

The above here is where the loop populates the container.
All I need is to pass the parameters to the scene as separate parameters coming from the resources…

Any help would be appreciated, been struggling with this. Thank you!

Just set a variable before add_child.
Like this:

extends Node2D;

var foo: String;

func _ready() -> void:
extends Node2D;

var scene_a = preload("res://a.tscn");

func _ready() -> void:
    var inst = scene_a.instantiate(); = "Hello world!";
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Thank you ever so much! I tried the constructor so many times and could not get it to work, days went by and nothing… I tried your method and it works amazing, thank you for your time! All the best to you and your loved ones. Thank you once again.

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