Instancing an individual mesh from an imported blend file

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I have saved the .blend (the scene originally has the object seen in the pic below) in the project folder and Godot imported it successfully. I can see the asset as meshes in the instance scene and in the scene browser.

The thing is that I want to be able to instance individual objects from this import (like Suzanne). I am looking for how to do this in a GDscript and doing it in the editor, since I need them as separate objects, instancing this import in the scene just instance all the meshes as single asset in my scene



The easy way to do this is to have separate blender-exported files for each object. It is possible to avoid this, but it is complicated.

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Fine, but that is not how I would like to achieve in this case. I am trying to understand how to do it rather than finding a work around.

then, maybe what you want is in the _subresources property of the imported scene? beyond that, it should be just regular mesh objects

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I do not think that _subresources is available in the scene or in the editor., It seems to be an import time option.