Is it possible to just get the hz Frequency of a audio input?

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.2


is there a way to get the current frequency of the audio input.
I think i could technically just make a loop that lights up different parts when it detects somethin in a specific frequency range with the "get_magnitute_for_frequency_range(0, 0).length().

But im not sure there isnt a more convenient / direct option to just get the frequency, since there is a way to check volume in a specific range…

Thanks in advance for any help. Im really new at godot so please do tell if the way i asked was unclear.

I don’t think so. That function you mentioned is part of a FFT audio plugin. Which is the best way to change audio from the time domain to the frequency domain for analysis just the way you want.

You may be able to tune the FFT to focus on the frequency you care about, but that’s another future question.

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