Is it possible to use a Sprite with additive color blend?

Godot Version



Since Glow doesn’t actually work in Godot 4 with neither mobile nor compatibility renderer.
Is it possible to add a sprite instead and make it add the color?

I think I read something about that some months ago, but after a long time searching, I was unable to find the info again.

I think it was referred to as a “glow sprite”

I was thinking of adding a soft outline and then adjust the color of the “glow” with modulate.

use shader, go to godot shader website and search for “glow” or “highlight” or “outline”. should show you plenty of code for it

should show you plenty of code

Nope ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yes, you can set the material to a “CanvasItemMaterial” and get blending options