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Hello! I am trying to develop a mobile game, and seem to have hit an impasse. During internal testing, all of my testers (using Samsung Galaxy S20 or S21 devices) have experienced crashes almost immediately after the game begins. I am unable to replicate the issue on my own device (Samsung Galaxy S23), and the game works as intended for me. I’m not sure how to read the logcat properly, but have identified error types 14 and 24. Here is a .zip containing the .aab, please let me know if there’s anything else I should upload or share to solve this issue.

Firebase Test Lab also has a Samsung S20, no problems detected. Or does the crash come afterwards? I don’t yet know how to program the robo-test.

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Thank you for responding!
The crash occurs after the disclaimer and after pressing “PLAY” in the title screen, usually within 10-30 seconds after starting the run.

I’ve recently discovered that the game works without issue on Samsung Galaxy S21FE as well as my S23FE, but crashes on S20 and S20FE. Here is a .zip containing two logcat outputs, one for each the S21FE and S20FE.
The App Error Handler for the unsuccessful run reads as follows:
handleAppError, pkgName : com.lasthouse.imaginaryzenith, userId : 0, errorType : 14, repeat : true component : com.lasthouse.imaginaryzenith-Zr0X-rU5lXyS0WDXXgJaTQ==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk!libgodot_android.soerrorStack: #00 pc 000000000008d394 /apex/ (abort+168) (BuildId: 1bcad8bca80d38bceb9089f70d394e33)
If I’m reading this correctly, it suggests a read/write error. No additional permissions were requested or granted for either device, and the install and run processes were identical.

I can’t upload videos on the forum yet, but here is footage of the crashes on both S20 and S20FE.

The crash logs are not sufficient to identify the errors in the engine.

Does your game also work with OpenGL (ES3)?

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I could try to run your project via Android Studio with more debug output if I find more time at some point. For this you would have to reduce your project first, it must start directly and be reproducible, insert only the most necessary graphics / textures etc.

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Switching rendering method from mobile to gl_compatibility in Project Settings > Rendering > Renderer appears to have solved this issue! No more crashes on my tester devices. Thank you so much, @alex2782 :slight_smile:

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