Jittering when object is moving and the Camera is static. Gets better but not completely when camera is moving with then player. Any ideas?

Godot Version



Pretty much as the title says. I wanted to upload a video but I cannot since I am a new user. The issue is that there is quite a lot of jittering especially when the player is moving and the camera stays static. It gets smoother when the camera starts following but not by much.

Even the text appears jittering and hard to read.

Is this only in my head? If not any ideas what I can look into?

I’ve played around with the camera settings, canvas textures settings etc. but no luck…

It’s hard to answer this question without a video, you can upload it to Youtube and link it here. When the camera is static, is it only the player that is jittering?

how do you move the player? is it characterbody2d?
why do you need the camera if it never follow the player (static)?
does the jitter still exist if you dont use the camera when moving the player?