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When I import an exported GLB into Godot I’m getting extra keyframes in my animations. For example I have a character with a tail. In blender the idle animation looks correct on loops. However when imported into Godot the start of the loop has the tail in a completely different orientation. This causes a “twitch”. Within this same animation there is a random small vertical move up and back down in Godot that is not present in the animation in Blender.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Reimporting does not correct this. my other animations do not have this issue but are also composed of significantly less keyframes.

Edit: The issue is not with the import into Godot but rather the export from Blender. Reimporting the GLB file into Blender shows the animation error. Moving this question over to a Blender forum. If I find an answer I will update this in case someone else has this issue.

If it’s at the beginning of the animation, it’s frame zero with the default pose. It can be cut out when importing.

The tail one is at frame 0 but the imported animation in Godot has a different frame 0 than my animation in blender, that’s what’s causing this. Hilariously removing frame 0 on import makes the difference greater.

The other error is in the middle of the animation and is a single keyframe added that does not exist in the original. This is easy to resolve but annoying.

Yeah, it’s weird.

I haven’t encountered that yet. Maybe the animation itself is the problem?

Yeah I’m at a loss. I’ve realized now Godot adds this modified position to the tail specifically for all the animations it just isn’t as noticeable. I’m guessing it just doesn’t like the damped track modifier since that’s the only real difference between these bones and the others.

After a few reimports it stopped adding the vertical movement keyframe so that’s left an unknown cause.

Yeah, Godot doesn’t like Blender’s modifiers.

Welp even making manual keyframe for the movement and removing the modifier didn’t fix this behavior. Godot just really wants to add these keyframes that don’t exist.

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Link had a workflow solution that worked for me.

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