KidsCanCode First 2D Game (The spaceship game)

Godot Version



I am at the step where u finish coding the bullet. Everything thus far works as intended; ship flys around, animations work for left and right, etc. the issue im having is that when I shoot, the bullet spawns in front of the shit as intended but it just stays static where it spawned and never despawns. I can fire as many times as I want on any location on the screen, but the bullets just stay in the spot where I fired. I’m not looking for direct answers but if anyone can point me in the direction I’d be appreciative :blush: please don’t think your knowledge isn’t appreciated but I feel I can learn better if I’m pointed in the right direction rather than being told the exact answe

Check the bullets’ _process() function. That’s responsible for movement. Make sure it’s spelled with an underscore.

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Posting your code will make it easier to debug it for you.

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Ok cool, I’ll check that and get back with y’all. I’m new to this type of forum, so do I need to just literally copy and paste the code? I kno that sounds like a stupid question but I wanna b sure that I’m following the correct format for the forum

Holy shit, a single underscore that I looked over about a zillion times :joy: thank y’all so much, this was driving me crazy.

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:joy: Welcome to game dev

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