Ladder Tutorial Problem?

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Hello all,

I was interested in adding a ladder to my attempt at a game, so I found a tutorial and I was going through it because it looked very good and thorough. As I was going through it I soon realised that what I was seeing in the tut was not the same I was getting in the engine. It was a tutorial for Godot 3.5, I slowly managed to get through the part of creating the tileset for ladders, but, the next part was all about creating collisions on the tileset itself :confounded:. This had no equivalent that I could see in Godot 4.2.2 navigating the interface, however, I do know about creating a physics layer on parts of the tileset from the Brackey’s tutorial, now, would this be the equivalent of what this section of the tutorial is about? Or, should I look for a less detailed tutorial on ladders in Godot 4 :frowning_face:.

The tutorial lives here: and the major problem was @ 9:42

As always if you can help in anyway, here is a big thankyou in advance.


There are equivalent systems in 4.x You could look in the documentation for tile map collision information.

Had a look at this information and it looks like the tileset collisions information is added in 4 by using a physics layer. From the look of it it looks like it was better implemented in Godot 3. But I should be able to get it done with 4, I have noticed that 4.2.2 tends to be a bit buggy though, earlier today I had to close down Godot and open it again to get access to painting with the 2nd tileset , at the very least, I will get more experience doing it again.

Thanks greatly for pointing this out.


The tileset painter is pretty finnicky, you have to have the panel open, and have the select tool (Q) selected. Could be buggy, I don’t use tilemaps often!

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