LiveCharts 2 data visualization library for .Net is now available for Godot

Good time of day.

I want to inform you that cross-platform data visualization library for .Net LiveCharts2 is now available to use in Godot game engine: LiveCharts 2 for Godot (but it is not official yet).


If anyone is interested in this library, I am open to discussion and ready to help with questions about using this library.
You can also find mirror of this post on godot forums org.

Godot Version



Looks interesting. I wonder if it can be customised as much as the default one in c#.

Some questions: How to install it, I see 2 repo’s:

What is the difference between the two?

Usually I think addons are organised like this:


  • addons/addon-name
  • samples
  • README, some gif video and documentation

I’m asking because I would want addons in the addons folder, but maybe if I move the code there the plugin won’t work anymore.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Now this library can be used as a plugin:

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