LOD Bias / LOD Dictionary key jank

Godot Version

Ver. 4.2.2, also tried with Ver. 4.3-beta 1


Essentially, I’m creating various versions of a sphere-like shape by taking an icosahedron and dividing in into more and more faces, normalizing the new vertices along the way etc. That works fine, every time I divide the faces of the sphere I store the previous indices and give it some key in a dictionary to pass along to the LODs parameter of the (ArrayMeshs) add_surface_from_arrays(…) method.

The actual issue

Seemingly, the float value given is completely ignored, for example lets say I give a value of 50f, and say my mesh has a radius of 1 so I’d expect the LOD transition to happen around 50-52~ given default values for everything else related to LOD in the editor. However! Instead with a view of 10k and a bias of 1 the mesh never transitions at all, and I have to put the bias either down to somewhere around 0.002~ or have the key divided by around a thousand or so. Actually running the program and moving around with a camera also keeps those same results.

The actual question

Am I an idiot? The mesh itself seems fine, and the fact that I can get it to work with very simple (although strange) adjustments worries me, the key itself I have set to a straight constant float value to test and it still is wonky so I really cannot determine what is going on, the code runs as intended otherwise and I don’t think I’ve misread any of the documentation…