Long time to save big scene

Godot Version

4.2.1 stable mono


I have entered a large villa house in my scene, which is about 0.5GB size, and it takes 5-7 minutes for saving the scene(level design). I didn’t have this problem before in Unreal Engine. Is there a solution to fix this problem? It is very annoying! (Of course, I know that the time will decrease by upgrading the CPU, but is there another way?)
my system details:
CPU: core i3 9100
Storage: NVME 960GB m.2

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You probably are saving big resources like textures or meshes in the tscn file itself which is a text format file and is bad saving binary data.

You can try saving those resources in disk. You can also try to save the scene as a scn file which is a binary format file and won’t have much issues saving binary data…

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Thank you very much, when I saved the scene with “scn” extension, 5 minutes was reduced to 20 seconds :heart_eyes: :pray:

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