Lowpoly blender model seems ruptured from a certain distance

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Hi, I am just starting 3D / VR development with Godot and I was trying to import a lowpoly blender model into Godot. It generally worked well, but when getting a little distance between the model and the camera (in editor and in VR), the model get very obscure. Also, the hooves of the cows are weird, because some faces seem to be connected the wrong way. Could this be a Godot issue or is my model just problematic? In blender it looks good and importing into Unity also works.

Thanks in advance!

You might need to clean up the mesh. I think you can merge vertices with an option. Even in the “good” image I can still see some mesh between the feet.


Thanks for the hint, for the solution I simplified the mesh a little in blender by Mesh - Clean Up - Decimate Geometry. That helped :slight_smile:

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Im pretty new to blender but my first mesh ended up with having 4 versions of itself super imposed on itself. It took me a while to realize and I had no idea how it happened. Anyways I did a cleanup option that merged vertices by distance into a single model. Glad it worked for you too!

What a little hint to the right direction can do :slight_smile:

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