Main scene showing stuff that should not be there

Hi all!

I have this weird situation and I do not know what could be causing it.

As explained in some of my previous posts, I am developing a card game. I have two screens (each is a scene). In the first one I make the player pick a card deck out of three possibilities. As soon as the player does so, I switch to the other scene, where the card game actually takes place.

The problem is with the first scene (the main one, the one that loads when I click F5 in the editor). For some reason, aside from the stuff that is supposed to be in the first screen, I also get a specific bit stuff that should only be in the second one. More specifically, I get the framework of an enemy card which should only load once the faction has been picked and the cards are dealt. The enemy card is a scene in itself that I instantiate several times in the second screen, so I believe the problem seems to be more or less localized. However, I cannot find it. The code in the first screen does not refer to that scene at all.

I’m guessing it’s a really simple thing, like having checked one wrong box in the editor. Has anybody encountered this kind of problem before?

As always, many thanks for your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Sorry I see mystery behavior all the time :grinning:. How do you load the 2nd scene? Load or or preload. ? When do you instance? Any idea of the section of code causing this? Can you post it?

Thanks very much for your answer. Posting the code would take several pages :slight_smile:, because I cannot pinpoint the offending line. However, I can answer your other questions:

  1. The second screen preloads two scenes, the player_card and the enemy_card. If that is the problem, it’s interesting that only the enemy_card shows up in the selection screen.

  2. Both cards are instanced in functions called from the _ready function in the second screen. They are not even referred to in the first screen.

EDIT. As a test, I have commented out all three scenes that make up the second screen and run the game. The enemy_card keeps being instantiated in the selection screen, even though it theoretically does not exist.

SECOND EDIT. As another test, I have completely deleted all three scenes that make up the second screen and run the game. Now I get this error in the debugger:

E 0:00:00:0636 instantiate: Failed to instantiate scene state of “res://card_base_enemy.tscn”, node count is 0. Make sure the PackedScene resource is valid.

  • <C++ Error> Condition “nc == 0” is true. Returning: nullptr*
  • <C++ Source> scene/resources/packed_scene.cpp:141 @ instantiate()*

So it does somehow instantiate enemy_card. I just don’t know how, where or why!

I’m completely at a loss here. :frowning:

Maybe you set an autoload by accident?

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Yes. That seemed to do it! I set up an autoload ages ago that I no longer need, but I forgot to delete it.