Maintenance release: 4.2.2 & 4.1.4

Looking for some stability in your life? :house:

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The Maintenance Release is here!

But we are not the only useful robots around here :robot: check out the #IGF2024 audience award winner “RAM: Random Access Mayhem” @Xylem_Studios

RAM: a top-down roguelike shooter with no player character. Seize control of diverse robotic enemies, turn them against each other in frantically paced combat, and fluidly swap to fresh hosts as old ones collapse into smoldering rubble.

:video_game: Get the game on Steam


I’m really glad some of the changes that I’ve been waiting for in 4.3 have been backported. Working profiler and quicker shader compilation on compatibility is huge.

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Download for the version 4.2.2 for linux does not work. After clicking on the download button I get black page with message “Not Found”.

Edit: download links from the linked article work, but not the one from the home page.

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Thanks for the report, I had missed to upload them on the main godotengine/godot GitHub repo, which seems to be the one used for the main download page.

It’s fixed now.