Make it easier to embed videos

I just made a showcase post for my game, but I couldn’t figure out how to embed my youtube trailer. I can see that it’s possible since others have done it, but perhaps this could be made more accessible in some way? I’m guessing a lot of user will want to embed video and the upload file size restrictions mean most trailer files will be too large to upload directly.

For example a toolbar button for adding an embedded video from an URL, or just some clear other hints/tooltips on what syntax to use? Maybe a template of some sort for showcase posts?

The default message says you can use html or BBCode for formatting, but neither the youtube default iframe embed code or the bbcode [youtube] tag worked for me in this case.

Pasting a YouTube URL on its own paragraph (with a newline before and after) should work, as it’ll create a onebox in Discourse parlance.

Example in this thread (that’s also an onebox!):

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Ah, that worked great. Perhaps I was over-complicating it then, expecting it to require some more advanced syntax.

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