Making a sprite local to camera/viewport

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I’m working on a game wich uses an effect on the sprites where they always face the camera but the sprite changes according to it’s angle kinda like in Doom, my game is meant to support split screen but after some testing, i found out that the sprite always looks the same in every viewport. Everything i need to find out is how i can make it so a 3DAnimatedSprite changes to a different sprite for each camera or viewport (preferably in a way where it works with absolutely any camera/viewport that gets added into the scene), since as soon as i find it out i should be able to fix the effect somehow.

For split screen viewports… you may need a custom shader to render the different pov of the sprite billboard.

Or you may have to do some fancy viewport checks, but I don’t know if that even exists.

Without knowing more about your setup, I can only offer some possibly helpful info. Visibility/Rendering layers might help you out though. You could just put two sprites where the current one is, and turn off the layer for it in one view port, and then turn off the other sprite in the second viewport. You would have to turn off the layer when adding new viewports/cameras though. With more info I might be able to help more.