Making a Theme Hospital/The Sims-style building system?

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Hey y’all. I’m looking to try to make a small sim/management game in the style of Theme Hospital or Mad Games Tycoon 2. I want players to be able to build their own campus buildings like Sims houses and place rooms in them (classrooms, dorms, etc.). But while I have a good idea of how I want the mechanics to work I am at a total loss as to how to go about implementing such a thing.

Anyone have experience with this type of mechanic, or otherwise have any ideas as to how I should approach this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

PS if you don’t know what I’m talking about, scroll around through these videos, they give a decent idea of the type of system I want to implement:

Hi! Kenney has a starter kit for a city builder. I haven’t tried it myself yet because I’m working on several other projects, but maybe it can provide some inspiration!

Oh, thanks! This will definitely help :slight_smile:

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