Making an object that does not collide with the player


Hi! I’m new to Godot and I made a game that a player tries to find treasures in an island. And today, I added a barrel to my game. When the barrel gets breaked, it calls 4 different pieces of barrel and everyone of them bursts to a random direction. After they land to ground, they disapear after a while. And while they’re disapearing, I don’t want them to collide with the player, enemy or something except ground. How can do that? Thanks for who will help from now! :grinning:

I think you can change their collision layer and mask to a different one that the player is not on.
Why do they need collision? If they don’t you could also just remove the collision.

If I remove or change layer of collision, it doesn’t collides with the ground.

add another layer to the ground collision

Wait why I didn’t thought that? Thanks :sweat_smile:

Sorry I thought you are making a top down game.

Well I do actually but I’m new to Godot like I said.