Making firmer ragdolls

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Hello, I’ve been setting ragdoll joint constraints with
bone.set("joint_constraints/x/angular_restitution", 1.0)
and that’s been working - but the ragdolls are just still very floppy

In 3.5 if I increase the physics fps to 120 it’s perfect
but in 4.2 I can’t recreate these stiff ragdolls
using jolt physics is even worse

I really don’t want to have to keep my project in 3.5 if I can help it because everything else about these newer versions is excellent but I just can’t for the life of me figure out stiffer ragdolls - does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Or maybe why godot 3.5 is able to do this better?

Thank you

The default physics engine in Godot 4 is half finished, and looks like it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future…
I don’t know about the technical state of Jolt, but I had similar experiences with it while trying to make ragdolls work.
I know this doesn’t help, just wanted to say that unfortunately it’s “normal” that (at least some aspects of) the physics are a downgrade compared to Godot 3 :unamused:

But if you figure something out or someone has some tips, I’d be interested too.

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That actually does help a lot because at least it signals to me that I should start working around limitations rather than endeavoring to figure out a perfect solution lol.

One thing I ended up doing a bit was just multiplying the angular limit by for example 1.5 to just make it try harder to reach it - but yea it requires a lot of testing and fiddling with magic numbers.

Couldn’t get them to work in jolt though :frowning: - which is annoying because I know jolt itself is able to do really cool ragdoll simulations - just not sure how to achieve that in godot

Thank you!

btw started a thread on the godot-jolt git repo and go some good responses

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