Making old test project back compatible of sorts

Godot Version


i dont get why is it that after they had updated the engine to the latest version. all their old test project like the 2d game is not made or done something to make it compatible or have a tutorial on how to edit the file or something so that users using the latest version wont have to encounter countless issues or errors like animation is missing for player sprite like moving right in the debug screen to make sure the script coding is correct as its obvious the coding is different from version 3 to version 4.2… not everyone is able to understand right away because in the tutorial videos they are using older engine… im not asking much. just update or make new tutorial videos with the latest engines so anyone who is learning with godot wont get annoyed or lost… even other youtube videos are on older versions… none i can find is doing the same 2d game tutorial with latest version 4.2…

how can anyone like me who doesnt has a degree in engineering or even completed highschool that has never been to any computer class ever… if you want to make it accessible to anyone who isnt a bloody math or science genius then please for fuck sake update all your years old tutorials with new version of the godot engine and coding language if not im going to fuck it all and quit even before im able to complete the lessons.