Mesh vertex connections

4.2 godot

I am moving verticies with shader and noticed that Godot default meshes work lot better. When I create a similar mesh with blender it starts to leak.

In the video first mesh is Godot default mesh and second is created with blender:

What is causing this?
Seems like the godot mesh vertices are connected, how can I do the same to other meshes?

By what logic are you moving the vertices? I’m not exactly sure about why it happens but if the mesh isn’t smooth shaded (in blender) try turning that on.

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Seems like that was the problem here, thanks!

If the smooth shading also continues the mesh and doesn’t cut it this might be good news.

I’m just moving the vertices normal positions with sin(TIME). I might need to change artistic direction now if smooth shading is required for the meshes, hehe

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Yeah, normal values are always stored in vertices (the points that make up the triangles that make up the mesh). One normal per vertex, the triangles then interpolate between their vertice normals. Smooth shading is actually the default, flat shading requires the triangles to have their own vertices since the normals are different (point in the normal of the single triangle).

Bad explanation but you can find more on the internet if interested :slightly_smiling_face: