Microsoft Blazor and Godot

(don’t know why the community flagged this as spam - do you not want people to post here??)

A GitHub project that shows how to host a Gotdot 4.2 app in Microsoft Blazor. How to communicate using Web Services and JavaScript (blog post coming soon on GitHub - ADefWebserver/BlazorGodot: Communication with Godot from Microsoft Blazor


Blog posted:
(don’t know why the community flagged this as spam)

This is a Blog post on using Microsoft Blazor with Godot:

It is just a blog post that contains the source code. I am not selling anything.

It was triggered by the system, admins need to validate domains of links posted by new users.

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Ironic since Godot 4 C# version doesn’t export to HTML5.
But great article

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Thanks. Yeah I wrote all my original code in C# and then found out that I couldn’t use it (sigh). It took me a week to learn GDScript…