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I’ve been using Godot with Git without any real problems for a while, but until recently; I was on a single computer. I’ve recently downloaded Godot on two other computers.I am successfully working on my project across these three computers. There are a few minor issues, though; so I thought I’d check to see if there’s something obvious I’m just missing or if folks have ideas that may help. It might be important to note that my original computer is 4.2.1 and my other two computers I’ve started using are on 4.2 (which, I don’t even know how the numbering works or how I ended up seemingly having a new version downloaded months earlier; obviously, I’m missing something there.)

  • When I do a git pull sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any issue when I first load the project, but then when I run it, Godot changes some resource references in the .tscn files. In most cases, this seems to be changing a reference UID. In some cases, however, it completely deletes refences. For example, a Node will have some child notes defined with [Export] in the script, which I had connected through the browser. When I load the project on a new computer, these are sometimes cleared for some reason, and I have to re-set them.

  • Also, my csproj file gets copied to csproj.old.1 (or 2, 3, etc) and changed I run on a different computer. Again, I think this relates to the 4.2 vs 4.2.1?

An easy solution might be just re-download Godot on the computer that I was using originally, but I’m trying to learn something about what’s going on here so that I understand better. Any feedback is appreciated.

Also, I guess this kind of question doesn’t crop up much because there didn’t seem to be a subcategory related to this – if there’s a better way to categorize this, I’m happy to learn that too.

Oh hey, my team has been having this same problem! So far we’ve dealt with it by just running git restore -p whenever Godot pulls something like this, then restoring any false changes Godot made, and that solves the problem. But really it would be nice to have a more permanent solution.

I did a quick search of the issues board, and I didn’t see anything pop up there. Maybe it’d be worth opening a bug report?

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Well, good to know I’m not the only one. My first assumption was that I was having an issue with my setup that I should sort out rather than a problem in the engine, so I hadn’t considered a bug report.

Newer versions, I believe from 4.2 to 4.2.1 added an extra uid. The older version will remove it, new version will add it. The pull request says it allows for better tracking of files, even if moved outside of Godot.

I would upgrade both computers, 4.2.2 fixes a lot of the good stuff.

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The UID feature was added before 4.0 was released, so any change would just be changing where UIDs are used

But indeed always develop on the same version, never mix versions

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Thanks all for the feedback! I’ll upgrade all computers to 4.2.2.

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