Mole Maniacs: A Whack-A-Mole Style Game


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Mole Maniacs is a Whack-A-Mole style game: a game that’s not just a hit, but lots of them!

Mole Maniacs

This is a game that my team and I released early this year. There weren’t many plays, but we are very happy with the final result, both in terms of art and programming. You can play it for free on Android or in the browser.

  • Complete missions on different levels!
  • Submit scores on world leaderboards!
  • Hit the moles!
  • Get coins by not hitting sheep!
  • Collect coins to buy new hammers!
  • Don’t let your energy bar go down to zero!

Technical Specs

Godot version

v3.5.3.stable.official [6c814135b]

Used languages

  • GDScript

Used addons

  • AdMob Plugin for Android
  • Game Jolt API
  • Simple GUI Transitions
  • Godot Version Management


  • Diego Almeida (character design, art)
  • Joel Gomes (game design, programming, audio and music)
  • Luciano Abreu (art)

Is a fun game, I liked it!:smiley:

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@Rooilo0 Thanks! :partying_face:

It is fun and also funny. I like it. Good work

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