More than 4MB File-Upload

It would be very nice if images/gifs could be more than 4MB. This is especially important since Imgur-Urls can (for some reason) not be embedded on Discourse. This one fo example works well on my Itch-Page but in Discourse it does not work (same in the realtime vfx forum, so i guess it’s a discourse issue and not specific to this forum here).

Reason for the imgur embeds not working is because this server is (again) blacklisted by imgur (too many embeds cached in too short amount of time). So I had to disable imgur embeds until our IP is cleared again by imgur. Nothing we can really do about that sadly.

As for the file limit I think we can increase it, but I want to wait a few days with that to see how much spam we get. The old Q&A was under a lot of attacks, and before we allow bigger uploads I want to see if the anti spam measures hold up well. Otherwise we might end up with a lot of large spam uploads :sweat_smile:


Would limiting imgur embeds to higher tiers of commenters work?

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There is no setting to do that. And first we still need to wait until the IP is not blacklisted anymore anyway :sweat_smile:

Regarding GIFs (or APNG/animated WebP) versus videos, it’s strongly recommended to use videos over GIFs nowadays. They compress more efficiently and have more flexibility with regards to framerate (30 FPS and 60 FPS are actually possible, unlike GIF). Of course, videos can also feature sound and playback controls, unlike GIFs.

You can link to unlisted YouTube videos as always, but a self-hosted solution would be preferable for long-term longevity as YouTube doesn’t guarantee the availability of unlisted videos that don’t get many views.

In this case, we could increase the maximum size of uploaded files to 25 MB or so (similar to GitHub). This should be plenty for a well-compressed H.264 video that you’d include in a post for troubleshooting purposes. VP9 or AV1 would allow for longer/higher-quality videos, but VP9 lacks playback support on iOS (AV1 only on iPhone 15 Pro and later).

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The big advantage of GIF is that they can loop and are auto-played. In theory, this is possible with MP4 as well, but must be supported by the website/forum. Embedding Youtube-Videos does neither support looping nor auto-playing as far as I’m aware.

I think most people would agree, that just watching a GIF without any extra-effort like this…

…is preferable to an embed like this:


File upload limit is increased to 8mb now. We can’t offer larger uploads at the moment, so please use external hosts for anything that’s bigger.


Nice! Thank you!
For better marketing, say "We’ve now increased our upload opportunity by 200%!!!1112 :slight_smile:

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Eheheh right :grin:

Read this in the voice of an annoying advertisement:

I am happy to announce that as of today, we have increased your file upload limit to be 200% compared with before. And the best of all? This upgrade comes to you free of charge!!! That’s right, we will not charge you any additional money for using this feature!

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I always wonder why people to “produce” so many network data… not thinking about coasts at all… not every image or video need to be in full screen ( for example 3840 × 2160 and the object of interest is only 800x600 and every shown option in the gui is unimportant ) and not compressed at all… (in another discourse forum i always make my images as big as needed and mostl JPG with 67%… the biggest ones 150KB… kilo… not mega… )

But this may sound a bit to pessimistic… or off-topic :sweat_smile:

I mean… it’s in the faq: Kep It Tidy(somehow… :wink: )

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