Move_and_collide moves the player insanely fast

Godot Version

4.2.2 Linux via flatpak


I’m trying to make the simplest thing possible, a texture affected by gravity.

public partial class Player : RigidBody2D
    static float gravityMagnitude = (float)ProjectSettings.GetSetting("physics/2d/default_gravity");
    static Vector2 gravityDirection = (Vector2)ProjectSettings.GetSetting("physics/2d/default_gravity_vector");
    static Vector2 gravity = gravityMagnitude * gravityDirection;

    Vector2 vel = Vector2.Zero;
    Sprite2D sprite2D = new();

    public override void _Ready()
        sprite2D.Texture = (Texture2D)GD.Load("res://icon.svg");
        this.Position = new Vector2(500, 300);

    public override void _PhysicsProcess(double delta)
        vel += (float)delta * gravity;
        Vector2 movement = (float)delta * vel;
        GD.Print(delta, " ", Position, " ", movement);

However, the Player is falling waaaaaay too fast. This is the log:

0.016666666666666666 (500, 300) (0, 4.5370375E-06)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.02722) (0, 9.074075E-06)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.08163) (0, 1.3611113E-05)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.16318) (0, 1.814815E-05)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.27182) (0, 2.2685188E-05)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.4075) (0, 2.7222224E-05)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.5702) (0, 3.175926E-05)
0.016666666666666666 (500, 300.75983) (0, 3.62963E-05)

As you can see, the movement vector is around e-6, but the position is incrementing on each step 100000 times more. What in the world am I doing wrong???

Disclaimer: I know I can simply use the game physics engine to do this, but it won’t be compatible with some future features I have in mind for my game, so I have to do the position calculations manually.

If you want move and collide to work more like move and slide. Use the recovery_as_collision parameter.

If you are colliding with a floor it looks like it’s digging into the floor, which is probably undefined behavior.

You may want to just use move_and_slide and use the character2d built in property velocity

every second you adding gravity to vector. after 5 seconds you have gravity * 5 added,
your position dint even get to 301 in your log.
how you set your RigidBody2D? is default affect by gravity in game, than mean beside your script is added another gravity if you don’t disable…
For manual moving objects with script we: