MultiplayerSpawner not setting authority correctly, causing sync issues

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I try to instantiate an item inside of a peer that isnt the host. The item is synchronized by a multiplayer spawner to other peers. Any other peer reads the authority of the spawned item as “1” (host id). This causes to make the MultiplayerSynchronizer inside of the instantiated object to throw errors on all other peers, since a peer tries to sync the data of which it isnt the authority in the eyes of the other peers.


Error on non instantiating side:

See here

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I implememented a custom spawn function for the mutliplayerspawner, but weirdly, the authority for the host still remains 1 for the spawned item.

Printing the authority for item_instance in line 31 returns the correct authority though.

Interestingly enough, if i set a property called auth inside of the custom spawner and then inside of the item itself react to this auth method, it works. But that feels weird tbh.