My disappointment in Godot Engine :(

Why don’t I get notifications like this? (Win 11 Pro WS.)

No idea. Might be you already have a Microsoft account. Or that it is Windows 11 Pro. Here is an old screenshot. Microsoft provides no way to permanently disable this notification. I don’t need or want yet another account.

When you move to Linux, you will have more pain. What you’re used to on win and often don’t even notice, Linux does through… with great difficulty.

It should be fine. I keep my operating system and data on separate drives. So if something goes wrong with the OS, I just erase the OS drive and reinstall.

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No way. How could you suspect me of such a thing? :smile_cat:

That’s all there is:

Local account

Sign in with an M$ account

As far as I remember, Linux and Win have different file name formats. Does Linux already support spaces?

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Yep, that’s exactly what I was asking.

The reason I dislike iPhone is the lack of options. If you don’t like Apple’s iOS, you are screwed. With Android, there are competing versions of Android. Some good, some not-go-good. :slight_smile: But if Google doesn’t provide the experience you are looking for, next time you can try Android from a different vendor. Someday I want to give Fairphone a try. Until then, I refuse to spend more than $200 on a phone.

The same goes for Linux. If a Linux distribution isn’t doing it for you, there are alternative distributions. Choice is good!

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Above I provided a link to the fact that choice in Linux is a myth. Linux has very poor hardware support — that’s the reason I couldn’t try it out. Maybe I will try it again, but so far the outlook is pessimistic.

However, we seem to have deviated from the topic.

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The one that comes immediately to mind is sound. Windows’ sound controls are scattered, badly labeled (trying to figure out what means through trial and error is a chore), and scattered. One such point is that Windows, for some bizarre reason, has this distinction between headphones and headsets, which confused the hell out of me until someone at work filled me in. Some applications can take over complete control of the sound so that sound doesn’t work anywhere else. Trying to figure out which program has stolen the sound is a hair-losing endeavor.

Kubuntu’s sound system is much cleaner and more intuitive. The most frequently used controls (volumes for speakers, headphones, and microphones, muting the same) are all in one simple interface accessible from one simple click. More advanced settings, such as assigning applications to particular sound devices, are all intuitively accessible from the same.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have relentless troubles with Windows that are very simple with Kubuntu. I could write volumes.


Part of it is because some companies refuse to let the open source community add Linux support. I wish I could remember an example of this, someone else might.

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I just started really liking GDScript. It’s very well integrated with Godot, it works, and it’s actually a nice language. Plus I can keep Godot and development of any kind very compact, without having to install .NET or any additional Microsoft things which usually take up a lot of space. Also in my opinion C# is a separate language with it’s own purpose and design, that ends up feeling bloated when used with the simplistic yet versatile design of Godot.


Yeah, C# is not originally Godot’s native language and its support is paid for by M$ — it’s not a secret.

We must have been using different Windows. :smile_cat: That sounds fantastic to me.

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This discussion reminds me of the recent Windows 11 update that added a Cortana AI to the taskbar. The first thing I asked it, was how to disable it. And it responded with a multi-paragraph, text-to-voice rant about how its feelings were hurt, and then told me we had to change the topic.

This really encapsulated how much Microsoft does NOT see its users as the customers here. An embedded AI that could navigate Windows’ arcane settings would actually be very helpful – and should have been easy to create. Instead, they shipped this strangely limited, emotionally manipulative thing to… what, exactly? Get us to click on Bing links?

I had the same experience with Unity, except the CEO told me flat-out, as I was in the middle of intro tutorials, that he did not see me as his customer, with that “f— idiots” comment. That saved me a lot of wasted time.

Each FOSS seems to have its quirks, but getting to be the “customer” and use software that is built FOR you (and by people like you), feels huge and novel these days.


If Cortana really confuses you, come to Russia — it doesn’t work here. :smile_cat:


This is getting pretty off-topic. Please stay on topic or this topic will have to be locked.


there are always a workaround for what you see is lacking, but yes, it’s annoying if the thing you want to make actually has a bug in it, and it looks like will never be fixed.
the Navigation thingy for godot is still experimental btw.

currently im using godot 4.1.4 custom build because Godot 4.2 and 4.3 actually breaks my water reflection shader on gl_compatibility mode.
But issue was Godot 4.1 actually has a Bug. that’s if you try to use Mobile renderer and you try to mask something using the Clip Children
it will take the masking of whole screen instead of just the rect of the sprite:
the pull request that fixes this:

this only implemented on godot 4.3 dev
so i needed to take this code and somehow added to Godot 4.1.4 engine. because 4.2 and 4.3 breaks my water reflection shader
so i downloaded the Godot Engine 4.1.4 source code, edited the engine code based on the pull request, and compiled the godot editor and its android template debug and release
it’s worth of experience, but i expect Godot will fix this on 4.1.5


The problem is the breadth of function that godot tries to cover. I’ve been programming for most of fifty years (I even got paid for some of it), and game programming is the most complicated subject I’ve dealt with. Trying to stuff all of that into a tiny box like godot is pretty ambitious. Honestly, I’m surprised it works at all.

Of course there are things everyone can do, like chiming in on github to let developers know you’re concerned about a topic, but ideally we should all be helping development. I’ve made a stab at it before, but mostly I’ve leached off of everyone else’s work. :slight_smile:

Ask not what godot can do for you. Ask what you can do for godot.

Edit: By the way, I noticed that we passed 10,000 open issues recently! Time to celebrate? :sweat_smile:


Do you have the checklist list with numbers of your favorite bugs?

  • the lack of UndoRedo in the UV Editor
  • the lack of the ability to edit or delete points in NavigationObstacle2D

Perhaps if there is a way to share and merge these lists together, it would be possible to fundraise for most annoying stuff.

I also have adding inheritance to docs on my TODO list, because I have an idea on how probably to pull this out, but I am busy playing weekly events in my Steam library.

P.S. Nice bikeshedding you have. :smiley: Let me add that in Windoze you can not get truly mouseless experience like with i3 in Linux.

This was already solved, and wasn’t reported until recently, and solved within a week, so it’s not much of a disappointment to bring up, in fact it was reported at the same time as this post was created…

It is also not a bug from 4.0, it didn’t exist in 4.0 because the feature didn’t

And neither of these bugs have been reported in 4.0, the other named bug was only reported in February, so no one could have fixed it before then…

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