My disappointment in Godot Engine :(

To be honest, after the release of version 4, I was very dissatisfied with the developers, many errors remain to this day that were still discovered in 4.0, for example, the lack of UndoRedo in the UV Editor, or the lack of the ability to edit or delete points in NavigationObstacle2D. Many fixes from third parties seem to be simply ignored, and many errors are questioned :frowning:

We must not forget old errors and correct them, but developers most often, on the contrary, add something new so that even more errors appear, it’s an endless cycle.

It seems to me that the stable version 4.3 should be delayed for a long time in order to clear the “Issues” section, when releasing stable versions, it is said that there are no particularly serious errors, but this is not true, I am abandoning my second project from constant bugs, please focus on bug fixes, I love Godot and don’t want to go back to Unity or Game Maker.


Welcome to the world of free software, where the motto is, “If it bothers you, fix it.” The developers are going to work on what they want to (or what they’re paid to). Also, it’s easy to criticize not accepting pull requests, but they can cause problems if they aren’t thoroughly reviewed and tested, which is another unpopular job.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a lot of beefs with 4.x, but I’m not convinced that I could have done better. And, let’s face it, 4.x works fine for most people.


The donations are good, and W4 Games is there, it would be possible to hire a group that would be more active in fixing these problems, as the Blender Foundation does, if these problems continue to accumulate, then this will not lead to good things, it is already not easy to clear the errors section, and some problems have not yet been tested, but have already been drowned in a heap of new and other errors.

I proposed making a separate section in the documentation for the C++ API of the engine, so that enthusiasts could more confidently correct errors. I know C++ well, but it is very difficult to understand the source code, the project is very large.


Right now, when I try to extend a c# class from gdscript, I get this error: "Could not resolve super class inheritance from “MyExtendTestScript”. An hour later I still haven’t found a fix. IT HURTS SO MUCH IT IS STARTING TO FEEL GOOD! What I am saying is I feel your pain. But without free and open source apps like Godot, we are at the mercy of Unreal and Unity3d.


Microsoft goes out of its way to give me the middle finger whenever it can. Want to use a different search engine like Duck Duck Go for Start Menu internet searches? Nope. Hope about disabling Start Menu internet searches instead? Hell no.

Windows 10 doesn’t have an option to uninstall Edge. I found a way to get rid of it, then in an update, Microsoft put it back on the computer, and made it even harder to uninstall it.

Then out of nowhere, Microsoft added a small notification dot by my user profile, informing me that I don’t have a Microsoft account. You are not allowed to permanently disable this notification. The only option Microsoft provides is to “remind me later.” So about a week later, by the way, did you know you STILL don’t have a Microsoft account??

When I get a chance, I need to figure out which Linux distribution is least annoying and migrate away from Windows. I am so done with Microsoft. Windows has nothing I cannot live without. Five years ago I put Linux on my former landlord’s computer. He just wants to browser the web. He enjoys having a computer that “just works.” (Ah, sticks and stones Kate monster)

TL;DR technology these days is more oppressive than it is liberating. So I cling to the free and open source alternatives that are available. Even on its worst days, Godot is liberating.



I don’t think you can do that. I don’t think there’s any way that’s gonna work.

The documentation for C# and GDScript interoperability is here, and it doesn’t make any mention of class inheritance: Cross-language scripting — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

The good news is that you can probably use a composition pattern instead of an inheritance pattern, and still get the same result you’re looking for. Here’s a good resource about that: Composition vs Inheritance in C# - Code Maze


From the developer blogs, it was clear from the start that Godot 4 would be unreliable for several iterations — so many changes announced and too few people. 4.3 is somewhere in the middle of developing a normal version (at best).

Why don’t I get notifications like this? (Win 11 Pro WS.)

When you move to Linux, you will have more pain. What you’re used to on win and often don’t even notice, Linux does through… with great difficulty.

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Well, for a more technical user who’s comfortable in a command line and with troubleshooting issues, it may be worth switching to Linux. It’s very likely to take more time and effort to set up than Windows, but once you know where you’re at, Linux can be really solid.

Still though, Windows LTSC exists, and is a nice in-between. For someone who’s not even touched Linux yet, beware: It can be a lot. Maybe try LTSC as your main OS, and start messing around and getting familiar with Linux on the side. (Linux Mint is a common recommendation for new Windows refugees.)


I would really like this


I moved away very early from C# to GDScript due to the incompatibility and inconsistencies, even though I had used C# for 5 years already. GDScript works MUCH better with Godot.


I’ve been using C# for most things and while I’ve hit a couple of smaller annoyances, overall it’s been working well for me. Are there bigger issues you’ve run into that I should be watching out for as my project grows?


My experience has been the other way around. Making Windows do the simple things I take for granted with Kubuntu is very painful sometimes.


Curious. Like what?

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I’m a Kubuntu user and this has been my experience as well. Uninstalling the default Internet browsers on Kubuntu is painless and simple. Windows also doesn’t let me put memory & CPU usage graphs on my taskbar. I’ve also been getting the constant “link a Microsoft account please” notifications on Windows 10, as well as constant requests to switch to Windows 11. I’ve even had Windows place a Bing search bar on my desktop without even asking me.


HWiNFO does this.

I don’t get pestered with such offers, anyway, I’m already on Win 11. I switched to it from Win 7, skipping 8-9-10-whatever.

It’s hiding.

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Downloading third-party software to do that seems unnecessarily complicated when Kubuntu just lets me open a widgets menu where I just click and drag the widget onto my taskbar.


“Unnecessarily complicated”, I personally find the ritual of installing videos on the desktop (live wallpapers). The procedure turned out to be non-trivial and with pitfalls.

Also there is no software for Mad Catz mice and my monitor. They may work, but the additional buttons and functions will not be available.

Does this build support the motherboard I am interested in?

Sorry, does this distribution already contain 3D modeling software, game engine, music and image editors, or do you have to download them separately?

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It says it supports Ubuntu 22.04, and System Monitor says the name of my OS is Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I know that there was a bunch of software that came pre-installed with the OS, but I don’t remember how much of the software on my desktop is stuff I installed or is stuff that was pre-installed. Kubuntu does have an app called Discover that lets you search software by category or by name though, unless you want to just download it from the software’s website, which you can also do.

If you prefer having creative software preinstalled, Ubuntu Studio might be worth looking into.

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That is, operability is not guaranteed. This is the same thing I encountered when I tried to install Linux for familiarization — it turned out that it simply did not support my system.

By the way, Linux for this board does not support RAID or NVMe

If you do install the programs you need, it’s not clear why you can’t install one or even a couple more if you need them so badly. This is about “unnecessary complexity”.

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I thought you were asking for an example of something that’s simpler to do on Linux than Windows? Desktop customization was the first thing that came to mind for me.

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Yep, that’s exactly what I was asking. But live wallpapers are also related to desktop customization.

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