My is now the wrong

Godot Version



so im trying to change some of the code in my level1 script but when i go to click on it instead of showing my level1 script its showing something else

I think i clicked on the file thingy on the side which i did in the past and had no issue with

is there a way to get my level1 gd back or is it gone (i cant find it but the tscn is still here and works

i did close all my tabs on the side thingy by accident before i noticed i couldnt open my level1 gd

I have run into bugs where ui freezes up, but not sure I have ever seen that. I have run into issues where a scene thinks it corrupt but it isn’t.

Does the issue persist if you restart Godot?

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i just re-opened godot

this image show that i have level1 scene selected but the unseen_power gd is selected instead of my level1 gd (and i cant find my level1 gd)

wait no im just really dumb

level1 is based off of world ( i forget the pobber wording)

so level1 doesnt have any script

thanks for dealing with me

Yeah Man Sorry I was late. I was typing when you posted your last message. Its hard to be consistent with naming. Level 1 is just the “World” nodes GD script right? Like when you click on the script icon on the world node it opens Level 1?