My thoughts on Godot Game Engine

Hello all,

I’ve only been using Godot since Brackey’s first Godot tutorial where he made a platform game and from that I assumed Godot was for beginners, Unity Intermediate, and Unreal for top tier games.

But I was having a whale hacking out some code and getting a really basic 2D platform game that I don’t think I could’ve done on pretty much day one with the Brackey’s tutorial which I started adding onto. Ladders, bombs, particles, wall jumping, all basic looking but having fun all the while. I am not going to even try that in Unreal.

Why Godot, I saw my brother playing a TMNT gameboy game as part of a compilation on the PlayStation and I was thinking maybe I should get back to trying to make that 2D I had in Unity, before it went belly-up and nope not going back down that route and Brackey’s appeared and then the cogs started turning albeit a little slower these days, so, I was on my merry way. Not going to pretend it has been easy - not in the least and I had a lot of help here, but, it was fun.

Then I thought maybe I better learn a little more about what I am doing and bought a video course and the stuff I have learnt has opened my eyes a little bit more as to what Godot 4 can do - and I really think the gap has closed between it and Unity, as I remember it, as a platform. Godot (and Unity) will only ever be a 2D platform for me - 3D if I ever revisit it again will be Unreal, but, I am very unhappy about the guidelines they (Epic) has released. But for now I am happy with Godot. And I love the idea that there is virtually no time between making a change and being able to test it out.

I’ve been wondering what’s with this ideal of Godot not being as useful, Or as great for 3d as any game engine is :thinking:, It can handle everything just fine. And introduces its own tricks every other game engine has,

For enchanting the performance/quality element with the engine. So it shouldn’t be pushed away when in the 3d discussion… As well as seeing how well it handles multiple, If not 100’s of my own models plasterd in a scene :sweat_smile:

(That singular model wasn’t animating or in a moving state. It was a t-posed mesh duplicated 100 times, Not using (occulusion culling - one of the features Godot gives.)

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I once made a small 3rd person shooter with Unreal that had over 30 enemy models of very different sizes, some were massive compared to the “hero” character. They were all moving about the scene that would chase after you if you got to close attacking you with melee weapons, you could zoom in to shoot if needed and the amount of animations with the hero - I then included one enemy who would chase at you the moment they could see you and when got close enough would shoot - I thought that was rather cool. The 'hero" character had 5 different type of weapons and could switch them out through the inventory. Unreal had “behaviour trees” for “artificial stupidity” that were excellent in that scenario. Maybe Godot can do that as well, but, I haven’t seen anything resembling that, yet, but, I haven’t delved into 3D yet. If it can then maybe I have underestimated Godot yet again. One great thing about Godot is that it keeps on surprising me.

I hope it keeps on doing that :sunglasses:.

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This might be only my personal bad luck, but Godot 4.2 on Mac couldn’t run their showcase third-person shooter demo. On 4.3 it works, but rather low frame rate. My own little low-poly 3D project is running well on Mac. On my Pixel 7 phone it shows a bright purple area instead of my sky texture. On web it has shadows which are light instead of dark. That does not build much confidence in the maturity of 3D…

Ahh, I never had an apple product so I’ll skip this one :sweat_smile:, Yeah… I don’t know about exporting a commercial 3d game to web- I just don’t wanna consider it, It’s not gonna be as easy, And it’ll need some of its own down porting, As you have to switch to things Godot makes compatible with web exports… But for Android exports. I haven’t heard too much of it in the 3d scene either-

I know android thankfully has the compatibility to run vulkan games on it. But even when just using the export template and sending it to mobile… I’d take it into consideration to turn off some features fully, Or have less utilization on features because I’m unsure how testing for mobile will be.

(The outcome could be the mobile build getting its own variant of the same game, That mobile phones won’t have issues struggling with it.)

Another feature that I just came across with Godot was Parallax Background/Layers.

After setting the background and the clouds all I needed to get it animating was:

  • one line of code

Only one :astonished:. I couldn’t believe it. Had to make changes to the window size to get it working at fullscreen and I might have made a problems with that, but, it was great. I have a stage with 3 layers of parallax. I almost feel like a game designer now :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:.

And the feature is being updated in 4.3, imagine if it gets even better. Godot keeps on surprising me.


There are animation trees in Godot 4, I use them in my game.
They work about the same as they did in UE4, with blendspace etc.

I think it’s a little easier to do skeletal retargeting for an FPS in UE4, but spaceship physics is kind of a pain :smiley: