My twin stick shooter is out now ! Need feedback

Play it in your browser on here !

The game is in early access, I’ll take your feedback and apply it to the game in future releases, there’s also more features planned (more bosses and enemies)

Please don’t hesitate to give criticism !

bandicam 2024-06-20 14-56-55-904
and yeah these are the assets from GDquest’s tutorial on YouTube, you can find more details on the page


Nice, you can use another asset pack, its not looking good, its looking simple but there are amazing assets pack in

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thanks for the feedback !

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Is there only one gun? If new ones are coming maybe they should come earlier because it felt repetitive fast. I liked that the score text is on the floor and not always on the corner of the screen

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thanks for the feedback

nope there’s only 1 gun, I’ll think of a way to make the game less repetitive

maybe I’ll make 2 more guns, a gun that’s short ranged but has a high fire rate, and a gun that has a long range but fires slowly and deals more damage with each shot (sniper i guess ?)

Nice Game!
IMHO the shoot sound is not that pleasant to hear.
Adding slime particle effects in the color of the slime when you hit one would look nice, I think.

And Congratulation to releasing a game :blush:

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