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Is it possible to write a server with GDscript for game logic? Actually, the goal is that the logic of the game is implemented in Godot, then it is sent to Nakama and then to the client and vice versa? Something like an auxiliary or side server. I want to stay away from JavaScript, Lua and Go as much as possible.

Have you seen there website?

I saw
I don’t know if we mean to convey correctly or not. For example, I have a card game, these cards must be generated and applied on the server side, not the user. Now, according to Nakama’s documentation, viewing should be coded with JavaScript or Go or Lua, right? Or am I wrong?

Looking at what namakas design goal is, it’s just a auth and data server.

So Godot can auth and send and retrieve that data just fine. But that data table probably needs to be defined in some manner.

Does Namaka API contain a feature to automatically/manually form the data table based on what is sent to it? Basically can it be puppetted by Godot itself? (…this would be a very bad design, unless there are admin auths available to modify the data table and entries)

Anyway you should probably ask in a Namaka forum, this wouldn’t be a Godot forum question.

Im not interested in doing this leg work for you. Maybe if there is someone with Namaka experience here can help. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Good luck

I took a longer look at the docs. You should just read the nakama Godot 4 doc I posted, it’s all in there.