Need help with 2 things on this

Godot Version



how do I get the game to not pause on start and how do I get the pause screen to follow the player instead of going off screen when the player moves?

Figured out the first one on my own. Still need help with getting the pause screen to stay on screen no matter where you are when the game is paused.

Make it a child of a CanvasLayer node.


Now it won’t show the pause menu at all…

Ok, my system freaked out and it took it way off screen so I couldn’t see it, fixed that. But now it still doesn’t follow the player/screen and it shows up on start again.

show me your “pause menu”'s tree?

do you move this pause menu to characterbody2d(player) as a child (by code) during runtime?

I tried that, but it resulted in a crash.

how large is this control in pause menu, is it full rect

if you put the pause menu to UI layer node, wont it solve what you need right now?

Full rect?

I’ll try.

yes it’s full rect.

then try put the pause menu inside UI layer, see if it works

this is the error I get when I move it to UI:
E 0:00:02:0364 @ _ready(): Node not found: “PauseMenu” (relative to “/root/World”).
<C++ Error> Method/function failed. Returning: nullptr
<C++ Source> scene/main/node.cpp:1638 @ get_node() @ _ready()

yea, if you moved anything in the tree, and you use drag and drop path to your script to any of the node inside, it may caused that, try reassign the pause menu path for any script that used it

The UI doesn’t have it’s own script. Do I make one?