Need Help with Timer Not Acting Properly

Okay, but how do I do that using the fact modulate multiplies - if I transition from white to white I am pretty sure nothing would happen logically

And when I tested it, that’s exactly what happened. How do I make it white using modulate?

If your base text color is white, you can modulate it .from(Color.BLACK) to white.

The tween starts with base color (1, 1, 1) times (0, 0, 0), resulting in a black start, the slowly rises to white

But my base text color is black, so then what should I do?

I suppose I can make it white, then make it black using some extra code first then modulate it?

Making your base text color white opens up modulate’s possibilities.

If you want it to start white and fade to black, then you can flip the to and the from

messagecolor_tween.tween_property($Message, "modulate", Color.BLACK, 1).from(Color.WHITE)

You can change to and from any color if your base is white

Okay, that makes sense - I can make it white in the editor, then make it transition from white to black while it’s invisible at the start, then transition back when it displays. Sounds like an awesome solution!

And indeed it works perfectly - thank you!

Now hopefully after I try to display the high score using all of this knowledge of tweens, colors, and global variables, it will work perfectly and then I will finally finish the game.

Okay, and indeed I could get it to work. Now the game is officially complete flawlessly! Hurrah!

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