Need pause menu help

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I have found a couple tutorials on how to make a pause menu with using a keybind but I don’t want to use a keybind. I want to use a button on screen. Is there any good tutorials out there on how to make a in game pause menu with a button? Thanks.

Yea already read that doesn’t explain what I’m asking.

it explains how you click a button to pause the game tree.

@shrooms :+1:t2:

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You two are useless, that’s hasn’t been working, again the question was does anyone have a tutorial not you stupid comments. If you don’t feel like helping please just don’t respond.

Really? Didn’t any of the help you got help? Well, then you may have misdefined your question as to what exactly you need.

You won’t get far with this approach here on the forum :godot:

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It is important that you understand there will not be a tutorial for everything. You have to figure it out. That is what it means to be a programmer.

Here we volunteer our time and try to point people in the right direction. You still have to do the work.

Everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully there is a point in the future where you learn from this mistake.

We are warm and fuzzy and forgiving.