Nesting Kinematic Body 3d: good or plain silly

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First post, G’day and a friendly Hello all around!

My “Player” controller requires 3 modular / interchangeable parts with seperate rotation pivots:

Is Nesting Kinematic Body 3D good or just plain silly?
Each Instance has its own collision & mesh.
I have not been able to find any references to this, figure better to ask before trying and others might also be wondering… any advice much appreciated!

Nested KinematicBodies are not supported.

You can always nest multiple independent collision shapes under the same KinematicBody if you want to have separate body parts to have separate collisions.

And you can nest meshes under collision shapes so the visuals move together with colliders.

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There is also Joint3D and its derived classes.

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Thank you very much, muchas Gracias!

I did kind of have a feeling it was silly or not supported.

Main concern is the interchangable parts and the best way to do it, guess I will be sticking to the original solution with Spatial as root for the instanced parts.

Joins do not work with KinematicBodies, unfortunately. Only with RigidBodies.

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It seems to me that this should, or at least would be an interesting Topic, but for some reason there is practically no information available about it: instancing a Player node with multiple instances (parts).

I already have my Player node: “Kinematic Body”, and all the parts nested nicely and functional.
I would like to take it to the next-level: simplify changing parts by splitting it up into instanced-parts.

The closest thing I could find: composing-character-from-multiple-body-parts-as-scenes, but it is about calling instances from script and doesn’t go into the best / proper method for a basic setup.

Does anybody know of any resources on “the proper way” to go about this?
i.e. best practices, what nodes should be used etc.

I am using Spatials with Rigid Body children, I seen other people using them so I did too! :upside_down_face:
It just seemed kind of strange to me using Rigid Bodies on a Kinematic Body.

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