New Game "Cannon Balls" is Now on Google Play!

My new game Cannon Balls is now on Google Play. It approached 5k downloads in a short time. There are currently 30 levels. New levels will be added constantly. I’m waiting for your comments. Thank you.

Made by Godot Engine 3.5.3 , Blender 3d , Photoshop

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This is the kind of game that I might download on my own and QUICKLY delete. Too many ads. The banner at the bottom is fine. The video ad after every level is ridiculous. I made it to Level 3 before it got irritating. I will NOT be going farther. BTW, Level 3 is crazy hard.


Thanks for the feedback. I will extend the opening time of the ads a little and add new levels in the next update. The first 60 levels will be easy, the next levels will start to get harder.