New Sprite Resource Needed?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question. I have been adding elements to the first Brackeys tutorial and it was fine for what it was, but I have added a ladder (not great) and plan to add wall jumping as well, and the stock animations that the character came with aren’t enough. So I need running, humping, idle, ladder climb, side-on animation for jumping onto/off walls/cliffs, plus an attack animation would be nice (mind you, I have no idea how to handle these different animation states. The ladder is just using the idle animation - yikes. The current sprite sheet is 16*16.

Does anyone know of a sprite sheet(s) that has the above characteristics/animations that looks a little like a knight? I checked everywhere on OpenGameArt, and, but couldn’t find anything. I am prepared to pay a small amount of money, but, nothing over $10.

If anyone knows of a resource that fits the bill here is a big thankyou in advance.


if you are looking for free assets this category is worth a look

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