Nintendo Switch Controller giving sporadic inputs

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When I try to assign a button in the event configuration, the ‘listening for input’ detects button presses (very quickly) that I am not pressing.

If I assign them manually, it still has buggy inputs and none of the buttons I press go through to the game.

Is there any workaround to this?

Without any references to your script it will be very hard to find the problem.
In the title you talked about using nintendo switch, perhaps thats whats giving you problems?

I’ve experimented with it and found that it does not have anything to do with the script. I can recreate the issue with a completely blank project. (When I mentioned trying it in a game, it was in the ‘Dodge the Creeps’ demo)

It is just that the engine itself is giving weird inputs.

As a side note: I found that disabling steam causes Godot to not even detect the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

My Nintendo switch controller works fine for me on my PC, although I’m using an 8BitDo dongle for the connection, where as it sounds like you’re relying on Steam Input for connectivity.

Assuming that’s the case, then have you tried reconfiguring the controller in steam, and/or adding your Godot game as a non-steam game?

Alternatively, I think you can use BetterJoy to configure a Switch controller as an XInput device, which should remove the need for Steam or an external dongle.

Edit: I’m not 100% on any of this, and apologies if this is wrong or teaching you to suck eggs, but I think the switch controllers aren’t supported natively in Windows and need a translation layer to convert them to Windows default controllers (e.g. XInput controllers) or equivalent.


For anyone trying to solve it in the future, BetterJoy was the solution. It did take a little bit of fiddling, but if you follow the instructions, it’ll work.

I suggesting checking what inputs Godot sees using the Joypads demo.

Switch controllers are natively supported with an USB-C cable on Windows and Linux, even outside of Steam input. This isn’t exclusive to Godot.

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