Nodes not visible in Editor of certain Scene

Godot Version



Greetings, for some reason I cannot see any nodes of my scene within the editor anymore. All other scenes work properly in the 2D overview.

No idea what caused this and/or how to fix the issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards

Do you see them if you play the scene itself?
It might be a good idea to restart the engine.

Could you maybe send a picture of the node tree, please?


thanks for the quick answer. Tried a lot actually (incl. refresh).

I found a workaround by creating a new scene and copying all the nodes over. They show properly up now within the editor again. Replaced the old scene with the new and everything is back to normal.

Still odd though. No idea what created this scenario to be honest.

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Great to see that you found a solution.

Honestly, I don’t know what could have gone wrong either, but it’s always good to remember that some engine-mistakes can happen…

Have a great day